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The PayPerHead Reseller Package

Agent Billing Tool

Master Agents Now Have a Reseller Software
Tool to Manage All of their Sub-Agents

Are you a Veteran pay per head agent? Want to step up your game? We have the software tool to manage that – and at no cost to you! We’ve designed this reseller package tool specifically for master agents that are having to spend a lot of time administering to their sub-agents. It’s frustrating for master agents to have to manually calculate headcount fees weekly or monthly. If you’re a veteran looking to become a master agent, this tool is a lifesaver.

Agent Billing Tool
how it works

Reseller Package Setup

The software is easy to navigate. You can add agents, decide what platforms are available to them (like live dealer casino), and set their rates. 

Setting Rates

You simply input the sub-agents and then set the rates for each betting platform you enable them to use. The software automatically calculates their wins, losses, and your cut.

Review the Play

See every billing item of every agent. No longer worry about dealing with person-to-person transactions, balances, debts or collections. It’s all done on-line through our reseller program.

It allows you to run an independent piece of the business where you can take a little bit off the top every week. Once you set the rates, your work is done.

A Unique Reseller Tool
You Don’t Want to Be Without

No other bookie software has this! It’s a game changer. And best of all… it’s free with either your Standard or Prime Pricing packages. 

You set the rates for the products you let your agents use. The reseller package software takes out the work of calculating and managing each week or each month. You never have to worry about discrepancies again.

If you’re signed up with us, the Agent Billing Tool is already available to you at no added cost. If you’re not signed up yet, you’re just a call away from accelerating your business. No other company out there is doing it quite like this. Sign up now and take out the hassle of being a Master Agent / Reseller.

Sound good? We thought so.

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